United (Deluxe Edition)

by Rainwound

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The idea for United came suddenly on August 17th, 2011. The intro track recreating the USA National Anthem was created that day, and the following three songs were produced from then until September 7th, almost non-stop. I felt that it was something I 'had' to do, and I worked very hard.

This album is dedicated to those who fell on September 11th, 2001 and the families that have struggled since that day. May God be with you all.


This EP was upgraded to a DELUXE EDITION on September 11th, 2012. The new version includes the 3 main songs from the album -- "Brothers", "United", "Forever" -- as instrumental versions.


released September 11, 2011

Brandon Strader - all writing and performance

Cover artwork by Westin McDonald with additional text by Brandon Strader.

'Star Spangled Banner' video created by Drew Gourley



all rights reserved


Rainwound Weirton, West Virginia

Rainwound is a progressive rock / metal band from Pennsylvania combining the majestic sounds of prog rock with conceptual storylines.

There's a delicateness to the music despite how vicious it may sound at times.

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Track Name: Brothers
A day like any day, there was no sign that would not suggest the same
Not a cloud in the sky, nor the slightest hint that there would be rain

Thunder struck and ripped us from reality
Two fallen brothers taken from their family
And now we're lost with nothing but a memory
Of what was taken that day, the day you went away

When you left that morning, I didn't know that things would go astray
There are so many things now that I wish I had the chance to say

You're gone, and I don't know what I'll do, I'm still here

You're gone, my heart's empty without you, I'm still here
Track Name: United
I could feel the wind in my hair, the breeze was a welcome change
Such a busy morning, some things always stay the same

Then I saw them, under a charcoal sky
Hope was stalling and no one would tell me why
An urge to help them but not a path to go
I wanted to save them, but nobody heard my cries

I was frozen, I saw but could not believe my eyes
Trapped in a dream from which I could not arise
I wanted to help them, my effort was lost in the dust
Before I could move, a cloud of ash had overtaken us

Can't see -- the devil stands before me
Can't hear -- but I can sense the fear
Can't breathe -- can't find the strength to leave
Can't move -- there's nothing I can do

Won't feel -- My body's numb from the pain
Won't cry -- although the ashes sting my eyes
Won't fear -- they need me to be strong
Can't move -- there's nothing I can do

Ten years gone since I witnessed that day
Not a day passed that the memory did not remain
I've seen the pain that they caused
Irrational hate that gave the whole nation pause

The fear that we all had that day
Soon was repl aced with unrequited rage
For those who hurt the ones we love
When my only comfort came from God above

Although I was just a child then, that day will live with me forever
I couldn't forget it if I tried
And now I'm ten years older and the world is still torn asunder
By endless war and constant lies

Years go on, but it all stays the same
There are those who still lie and kill in God's name
A promise of change we never received
And visions of a hope that we cannot retrieve
Track Name: Forever
If I close my eyes and focus I remember what you looked like
When you smiled and waved goodbye on that Tuesday morning

No matter what I've been through
I will remember you forever

I remember your eyes, I remember your smile
The way you laughed and almost never frowned
I will always remember the life we had
Even though the sorrow drives me mad

These ten years have been a constant struggle to tolerate the change
Everyday I wonder why it happened, and why I still remain

And though the years are long
Somehow I must continue on